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SPC vinil flooring – Moderna 5 mm/ 0.3 mm, 4V micro bevelled edge, 23/33

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This product is offered only per package.
* Producer – ADO
* Thickness of lamelle – 4mm + 1mm attached underlayment
* Thickness of wear resistant layer – 0.30 mm
* Wear resistance class – 23/33
*Waterproof – up to 96 hours
* Bevelled edge –4V Micro ( 4 sided bevel)
* Surface –Woodgrain
* Dimension of lamelle  –177.8 х 1219.2 mm
* Number of lamelles in package10 pieces
* Sq.m. in package –   2.167 m2
* Suitable for underfloor heating
* Scratch and wear resistant
*Formaldehyde free
* Easy and quick installation
* Antibacterial coating
* Withstands concentrated pressure at one point
* UV resistance

* Easy to clean
* Soundproof with attached IXPA underlayment
* Eco-friendly
* 100% recyclable
* Stain resistant
* Slip resistant
Without linear extensions
SPC Vinyl flooring is patented with I4F technology – easiest flooring installation system. New generation technology that allows vinyl flooring to guarantee water resistance of the joint between the lamelles up to 96 hours. The product is characterized by easy installation, lock system and five layers that protect again scratches, spillage and UV ray. SPC Vinyl flooring is particularly suitable for underfloor heating, and is resistant to temperature amplitudes.
SPC Vinyl flooring  Moderna 5 mm/ 0.3 mm (C lass 23/33- Fortika series) is suitable for:
– commercial premises with moderately high traffic,
– residential premises with high traffic;
Allows you to designyour home with affordable, modern and easy to maintain flooring without sacrificing the comfort looksof your interior. The Fortika brand has the Floorscore certificate and is exclusively designed to implement an element of nature to modern interiors.
Each lamelle is 4 mm thick + 1 mm IXPE underlayment, which saves the additional expenses and worries of purchasing underlaymentmaterial.
It is mandatory the flooring is mounted on a perfectly flat floor.