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Polyurethane white sealer G49

Two-component polyurethane white ealer G49.
25 kg; smaller quantity can be ordered.
For internal use. It is suitable for MDF and all types of wood. It is used for assembled furniture, chairs, wardrobes, interior doors, bathroom furniture and interior accessories.
It has excellent filling and covering properties as well as very good sanding properties. Suitable for the applications with polyurethan glossy topcoat.
Specific weight – 1.6 kg/l.
Solid content – 81%.
Application method
By spraygun.
Mixing proportions: to obtain the ready mixture, a hardener (B18) is added to the sealer in a quantityof 50% by weight or 70% by volume.
Dilution: the mixture is diluted with polyurethane thinner(P73) in a quantityof 20% of the weight or 40% of the volume of the sealer.
Pot life of the ready mixture: 3 hours.
Rate of consumption: 180-220 g/m2.
Dust free : 10 minutes.
Touch free: 60 minutes.
Sanding: 3-4 hours.
Drying time: 8 hours
Over-coating: 8-12 hours.
applying 2 layers of polyurethane white sealer ( G49) on the surface; the second layer 40-50 minutes after the first one;
– sanding the surface with sandpaper 220-400– 8 to 12 hours after applying the second layer of sealer;
– applying one layer of white polyurethane topcoat (H36 или H86).
In a well-ventilated place with temperatures between 5°C – 35 °C in a tightly closed packaging
Shelf life: 24 months in closed packaging.