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Laminate flooring – Marine, 10 mm, 4V, AC4/32

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AGT Flooring

This product is offered only per package.
* Producer – AGT
* Thickness of lamelle – 10 mm
* Wear resistance class – AC4/32
*Waterproof – Up to 24 hours
* Bevelled edge – 4 sided bevel
* Click system L2C
* Surface MoodSurface (Stone)
* Dimension of lamelle  – 325 х 1195 mm
* Number of lamelles in package5 pieces
* Sq.m. in package –   1.9418 m2
* Suitable for underfloor heating
Scratch and wear resistant

* Easy and quick installation
* Antibacterial coating
* Withstands concentrated pressure at one point
* UV resistance
* Easy to clean
Laminated flooring from the  Mood  series are characterized by easy and quick installation due to the use of the patented L2C click system, waterproof (up to  24 hours), high resistance to scratches, pressure and UV rays, as well as being particularly suitable for underfloor heating.
Laminate flooring Marine 10 mm (32/AC4 – Mood  series) is suitable for:
– commercial premises with moderate traffic, e.g.offices;
– residential premises with high traffic;
The 10 mm thick laminate flooring ensures greater stability when installed on an uneven floor. This flooring thickness provides a realistic parquet feeling.
The Mood series has the Blue Angel certificate – the first and most well-known eco-label in the world. It is the standard for environmentally friendly products on the market, with less impact on the environment and a greater degree of health protection.