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Door trigger sensor switch, 60W, 12/24V DC, 5 cm

The proximity sensor is a miniature infrared sensor for outdoor mounting.It is suitable for interior furniture lighting. It tracks the position of a moving object (door, drawer).It turns on (when the door is open) and turns off (when the door is closed) the electrical circuit (LED lighting) in which it is connected.
* Power: 60W
* Voltage: 12/24V DC
* Dimensions: 38x15x7mm
* Detection distance: 50 mm
* Cable length: 1000 mm
*Installation – Drill a hole with size Ø10mm right next to the sensor (for the power cables to pass through).Install the sensor at a distance of 2mm from the edge of the mounting surface (using double adhesive tape). Connect the OUTPUT connector of the sensor to the load and the INPUT connector to an LED power supply.When the sensor detects movement away, it will turn on the light. When detecting an object approaching the sensor, it will turn off the light.If the door/drawer is left open, the sensor will automatically turn off the light after 1 hour. The sensor is designed for LED lighting only.