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Apel D3 transparent glue

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We only offer the whole package of 25 kg

It is a PVAc based homopolymer in harmony with D3 standards that forms transparent and strong layer in order to bond massives and furniture frames even if the humidity rate is high.

Colour: White – Partly soluble.

The product is ready for direct use. Not advised to add water.

Viscosity: 16000 – 26000  mPa.s

Density 21⁰C: 1,09 g/cm3

Open Time: 5-7 min. (25 ⁰C, %50 Moisture)


The application surface should be free from all sorts of dust, oil and dirt.

The surface and environment temperature should be over +5˚C during gluind operation.

The humidity of the wooden material to be adhered should be between %8-12.

Apply evenly to the surface and without any extreme amounts. 150-200 g/m²

50˚C press Temperature: 5,5 min.

65˚C press Temperature: 4 min.

80˚C press Temperature: 3 min.

Apel D3 transparent glue is stable for 1 year when stored at a temperature range between 5-30°C in its original closed containers.

Protect from sunlight, freezing and moisture.